We have selected for you the places to discover in our territory, shared between Sologne and Sancerre. Destinations that will leave you with the best memories. Castles, vineyards, nature walks, 70 points of visit within a 45 km radius of the campsite and a little further on, about 1 hour by car, the great castles of the Loire, the Beauval Zoo and the famous GUEDELON castle under construction. Then it is up to you to choose, on each form you will find a summary of the destination, its distance from the campsite and finally a link to go to the site of the chosen place.

The holidays are often the opportunity to discover some new activities or to initiate our children to a new sport or activity. Alone or in a group there are several solutions that are offered in this section. The distance from the camping to a link with a website partner will help you prepare your stay.
We have selected places for you to discover in our territory, divided between Sologne and Sancerrois. The destinations will provide you wonderful memories. Castles, vineyards, nature walks with 70 visits points in a 45 km radius around the camping and a little further at 1 hour away by car, the beautiful Chateaux de la Loire , the Zoo de Beauval and the famous medieval castle of that is being...
We are inviting you to discover the heritage of our area while visiting different structures. You will have the opportunity to revise the French History and its endless stories that have mark the centuries. For each section you will find the link to deepen your understanding on the sites you have interest in.
The famous city of Sancerre surrounded by its vineyards, Bourges, its cathedral and its marshes... What you absolutely have to see is here!
Discover " Les Chateaux de la Loire " and the monuments of the road Jacques Coeur near the campsite
Around the campsite you will be able to appreciate the know-how of the cooks of our territory in very varied settings. We have selected a few tables to meet the majority of expectations. So, bon appétit !