Nature and heritage

We are inviting you to discover the heritage of our area while visiting different structures. You will have the opportunity to revise the French History and its endless stories that have mark the centuries. For each section you will find the link to deepen your understanding on the sites you have interest in.

le crottin entre sancerre et aubigny sur nere, proche du camping des étangs région centre dans le cher  200 kms au sud de paris

Le Crottin de Chavignol

In the 16th century goats livestock started in the Sancerrois, there were very little demanding regarding the feeding, it gave a complement of incomes to the winemakers. It is the destruction of the vineyards by the phylloxéra at the end of the19th century which allowed the development of this livestock. The appellation Crottin de Chavignol was mentioned in a book of 1829. This cheese is now a protected appellation since 1996. About 135 producers were in activities in 2014; from Sancerre to Aubigny you can go visit them to taste without moderation this nectar of nature. Every Saturday you will find some fresh, blue and ripe goat cheese in the marché d’Aubigny, don’t hesitate to buy and try the three kinds!

la vigne du sancerre, proche camping des étangs aubigny sur nere

Le Vignoble du Sancerrois

A 39 Kms, from the top of Sancerre, discover a splendid panorama of the vineyards, you will see the Valley the village of Chavignol which as the same name of the famous Crottin since 1829. Visit la maison des Sancerre, you will learn everything about the history of this exceptional vineyard known all over the world. After, you will be able to explore the country sides, stop to visit a wine cellar: caves de la Migonne or de la Perrière. Every Tuesday at 7:00pm (in season) Emmanuel de la cave des Stuart comes to the Camping des Etangs to share his knowledge about the vineyards of the area. In a blind test you will have to find the wine from Sancerre from different red and white wines.

(The excess of alcohol is dangerous, drink with moderation)

cathedrale de bourges route jacques coeur

Cathedrale de Bourges route Jacques Coeur

At 46 kms, the cathedral of Bourges includes some elements of the famous choir from the XIII which is exposed inside the crypt. The access to the tower of 396 steps allows you to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Bourges and its surroundings.

palais Jacques Coeur route Jacques Coeur à Bourges

Palais Jacques Coeur

At 45 kms, in the historical center of Bourges, visit the palace Jacques Coeur, one of the most   sumptuous structures of the civil gothic architecture of the XV century. Discover the exceptional person Jacques Coeur was, a merchandiser, an adventurist and also Treasurer of Charles II 

centre ceramique de la borne camping des etangs proche bourges sancerre chateaux de la loire

La Borne

At 20 Kms, the ceramic Center of la Borne welcome you in the heart of an artists’ village. Through its exhibits, you will be able to discover all kinds of potteries and you will be guided to the discovery of more than 50 ceramist workshops. We are inviting you to discover the workshop Roland Bottani one of the last artist to use the natural heat of wood fire, the result is magic. Discover le musée de la poterie the alliance of art and craftsmanship with the presentation of art pieces from ancient’s potters in the chapel of the village. And finally the gallery of La borne that welcomes exposition of painters, pastellists, aquarellists and drawers of the area.  

marais de bourges  region centre

The marshes of Bourges

A 46 kms, at a two  minutes walk from the Cathedral, next to the city, the 135 ha of marshes have protected the town for centuries. Today they ofter a serene haven of tranquility and a total escape with surprising natures walks.