We have selected places for you to discover in our territory, divided between Sologne and Sancerrois. The destinations will provide you wonderful memories. Castles, vineyards, nature walks with 70 visits points in a 45 km radius around the camping and a little further at 1 hour away by car, the beautiful Chateaux de la Loire , the Zoo de Beauval and the famous medieval castle of that is being build by people using medieval techniques and materials. You only have to choose, in each card you will find a summary of the destination, how far is it from the camping and also a link to go on the website of the chosen place.

marché de la ville d aubigny sur nere proche camping des étangs


Aubigny is a dynamic small town, there is always something going on.  And every Saturday morning there is a farmer’s market with several local merchants. The tourist office proposes you some guided tours in July and August. In season are organized some shows called «les nuits costumées d'Aubigny»: some volunteers actors bring you back in the times and stories of the city of the Stuarts from 6 centuries ago. 

Château des Stuarts

Histoire d'Aubigny

6 centuries ago, in the name of l'Auld Alliance (treaty of mutual help between France and Scotland signed in the 16th century), Jean Stuart de Darnley, Scotland Army chef, helped to end to the one hundred years war. Charles VII gave him then the town of Aubigny sur Nère. In 1512, a fire destroyed Aubigny sur Nère, city of the Stuarts. Robert Stuart, son of Jean, rebuilds the city. This explains why we find some half timbered houses built on 1 or 2 generations (the most remarkable is the house of François Premier), the Chateau des Stuarts (actual City Hall and museum) and the Castle of la Verrerie in Oizon.

Fêtes Franco-Ecossaises a aubigny sur nere

Fêtes Franco-Ecossaises

Aubigny sur Nère was Scottish during the 400 years of presence of the Stuarts. The city celebrates since 1990, every year on 14, the Franco- Scottish fairs: historical show with sounds and lights, medieval market, bags pipes bands, costumes parades. In 2017, the Franco-Scottish fairs will be held from 14 to 16 July